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Life Coaching

Erika Londrigan

Embark on your journey of transformation, and start living the life you envision.

Don’t just believe you’re enough, know it!

As a dedicated life coach, I help my clients unblock and eradicate self-limiting beliefs and behaviors held in the subconscious mind and rewire with new limitless thought patterns so they can harness their full potential, accomplish goals, and live happier, more authentic lives.
With proven tools and techniques, my clients get to discover their true self, their true desires, and manifest the life of their dreams.

Take your life, career, or relationships to the next level!

Are you feeling lost, like you took a wrong turn?

Sometimes when life is overwhelming, we become paralyzed on the couch. During this time, it’s helpful and important to have someone who understands what makes you tick and help you move past life triggers. Someone who can help you navigate your next best move to get you back in alignment with your true self.

Life is the greatest teacher. Everything is taking you home to yourself and your true path.

Virtual Coaching

Currently I’m seeing clients via Phone and Computer. Contact me to schedule your session today.

via Phone

via Computer

Rewire to know you are

Attractive ENOUGH to find a soulmate who will love you forever just the way you are.

Smart ENOUGH to be successful in your dream job. Life is too short to play for a job that does not light your soul on fire.

Rich ENOUGH both mentally and financially to not to have to worry. Imagine living a life where your cup is always FULL as you figured out where your power base is in life!

Know you’re MORE THAN ENOUGH and become equipped with newly founded thoughts to fulfill your dreams!

Is your love life a vicious cycle of one hurricane after another?
Avoid the high highs and then low lows. Relationships eventually reveal cracks in the foundation. Navigate relationships gracefully by using tools and communication skills, to help you maintain a healthy, happy relationship. A relationship that radiates from the inside-out!
Erika Londrigan
Erika Londrigan is a true combination of Midwestern charm and Southern California sunshine. Born and raised in Michigan, she earned her BA in Food Marketing from Western Michigan University before she moved to Chicago and began her successful 16-year career in pharmaceutical sales. After 13 years in the Windy City, Erika’s adventurous spirit brought her west to the allure of the warm weather and active lifestyle that is synonymous with San Diego.

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Meet Erika Londrigan

Meet Erika Londrigan

Erika Londrigan is a true combination of Midwestern charm and Southern California sunshine.

My Journey to Life Coaching

My Journey to Life Coaching

Since working with a life coach I have seen the transformation unfold. I don’t even recognize versions of myself since working with a Life Coach. To say, I am passionate about coaching would be an underestimate.

I Love You So Much

I Love You So Much

When I initially took this photo at Joe’s Coffee in Austin, Texas it was to capture the famous background for my Valentine’s Day post on Instagram.

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