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My Journey to Life Coaching

having a Life Coach to confide in and level up my self-growth game has been the best decision I have ever made!

The year was 2015, I was living in Chicago and thought I had finally met the love of my life. We attended Valentine’s Day wedding for one of his friends held at a castle in the suburbs. The next day we headed to Kauai, Hawaii for a week for my best friend’s wedding in which I was the Maid of Honor. Due to a snowstorm, the flight barely made it out of Chicago. But we made it and what started off as an amazing vacation celebrating my best friend and exploring the Napali coast soon took a turn for the worst. While visiting us at the house we were staying at, my friend aka the bride to be, slipped on a wet rock in her flipflops, and had to be airlifted by helicopter to the hospital.

Seeing my best friend who has always been my biggest cheerleader suspended flying over the house terrified me. Later that day she was released from the hospital with a concussion and bruises. Late that night as my boyfriend and I were laying in bed I couldn’t stop crying about my friend. I could not imagine losing her two days before her dream wedding. As tears flooded down my face, my boyfriend took my phone and programmed his mom’s phone number in it. Saying it’s important I have it. The next day the rehearsal dinner catches on fire. I am a hot mess feeling like my friend shouldn’t get married but my boyfriend assured me it was a test of their love. The wedding was a picture-perfect day.

That week was the first time I could actually see building a life with someone. I surrendered that I could actually share a bathroom with someone (gulp). Three weeks later as we were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on a party trolley in Chicago my boyfriend, drunk, breaks up with me.

Right then and there my world collapsed right before my eyes. I felt completely heartbroken and lost. Why me?? Why doesn’t he want a life with me? A few days later, we had our last phone conversation as I needed closure. The last thing I said to him was “fuck you! You will never see me again and I’m moving to California”! Turns out the universe was listening that day. Fast forward two months, the pharmaceutical company I was working for was sold and I took a voluntary job transfer to San Diego, California. I knew my soul belonged in California. Within 30 days I sold my condo and had a one way ticket to California. That was in 2015 and I have never looked back.

As someone who prefers to be in a monogamous relationship, I start dating in San Diego. After my third disastrous attempt at dating, I felt hopeless. I didn’t understand why a guy wasn’t choosing me. I thought, I am a successful, attractive, pharmaceutical sales rep who has her shit together. No baggage. I felt defeated. My best friend suggested I talk to her Life Coach. Outside of my move to San Diego, having a Life Coach to confide in and level up my self-growth game has been the best decision I have ever made!

My life coach has helped me through numerous struggles including weathering sexual harassment as well as one of the most painful, hostile, and toxic work environments in my career and manage an unhealthy, cheating relationship. I was exhausted and many times almost lost faith and trust. I continued to do the work despite what life handed me. One day I finally had enough. I ended my relationship. I saw all the work come full circle. I respected myself and was not going let another day pass feeling shame, guilt, disappointment, or anything that was not in alignment for the life I wanted to create.

Since working with a life coach I have seen the transformation unfold. I don’t even recognize versions of myself since working with a Life Coach. To say, I am passionate about coaching would be an underestimate. You will never regret being a better version of yourself who can gracefully dance through life no matter what cards you are dealt. I am here to guide you every step of the way to creating your ideal life!

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