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I Love You So Much

However, love is complicated. Love is a great teacher.

When I initially took this photo at Joe’s Coffee in Austin, Texas it was to capture the famous background for my Valentine’s Day post on Instagram. But a picture is worth a thousand words. At that time in my life, I was working in a toxic environment as a pharmaceutical sales representative. I DID NOT LOVE my job but felt I was making too much money to quit and was not about to quit without having another job lined up. I was miserable on the inside and out.

The only way I knew to get through this phase in my career was to love myself so much. As cliché as it sounds, I ramped up my self-care. This helped to slow the constant mind chatter. This was a dark part of my life and directly affected my relationship with my boyfriend as I was so DESPERATE for love, I settled for crumbs. My love life was at a new (deep) low as I learned my man was cheating on me. Love was missing in my life and quite frankly it sucked. How did I get to this place? But more importantly, how long was this going to last?

Having a coach was a crucial piece in managing moving forward in my life. Every month that went by I was getting closer to feeling LOVE again in my life. Because I started to love ME! Today, I feel love every day. Some days are warmer and fuzzier than others but the point is I changed the trajectory and began living a life full of love.

This picture is now a constant reminder to love life so hard. I am your cheerleader to living a life full of all things that you and your soul LOVE!

Love is at the core of us all. We want to be loved, love our jobs, love our family and friends, love our kids and pets, and love our community. However, love is complicated. Love is a great teacher. Sometimes we love others so much more than we love ourselves which can make us feel empty and lonely. Love can bring about dark places but by embracing the dark sides, we live a life that is as bright on the outside as much as on the inside. A life that is not filtered but a life where you call the shots. Blow a kiss to anyone or anything that you truly do not LOVE.

I am excited to help you move you forward in a life that you LOVE!!

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